Please feel free to contact us if you require services beyond what is listed here.   We will be happy to listen to your specific situation.

Legal Investigations

 *Witness Location/Interview

Need to find witnesses or get information to provide court verification or cause for further investigation of a claim or legal proceeding?  Our Investigators can get the job done in a timely manner.

*Asset Verification

Need to verify sufficient assets to pursue legal action or enforce an existing court ordered compensation?  We can help you verify assets for recovery of Child Support, Debt repayment and other matters that require verification of assets.

*Probate Matters

Has the loss of a loved one left questions regarding their estate?  We can help to verify probate matters and help answer questions that may arise during the probate of a loved ones estate.

*Courtroom Support

In matters where additional documentation or evidence is necessary to the success of a court proceeding, we understand the requirements of the court when it comes to additional, independent or supporting evidence.

*Translations (Legal Documents, English/Spanish)

            Let us help you translate your legal documents in English or Spanish so that you can use them in the alternate language for court puposes.