Please feel free to contact us if you require services beyond what is listed here.   We will be happy to listen to your specific situation.

Corporate/Commercial Investigations

*Employee Pre Screening

An employee pre-screening, (this requires the applicants consent), can include credit reports and other non public records and information.

Verification of information provided by an applicant can protect your business and current employees by alerting you to false information  and past behaviors.

Are the past employers and references accurate?  Do they have a history of filing for Workman’s Comp? Were they fired for bad behavior?

Will their driving record disclose reckless behavior?

After you have a problem is not the best time to find out you have made a bad hire choice.

*Partnership Verification’s

Is your new franchisee an honest person?

Did a potential partner omit information that could alert you to previous problematic partnerships ?

*Employee Misconduct

Why you should care about employee misconduct depends on how much harm an employees conduct can injure your company’s interest.

Beyond the type of conduct that can prevent the employee from receiving unemployment benefits, there is the potential of damage to your reputation and the loss of profits and customers that can result from employee misconduct.

Is your brand being properly represented, protecting your reputation?

Do field employees practice safe driving in your vehicles?

*Employee Theft    

Are employees stealing from you?

There are many ways that employees can deprive you of property and profits.  We can monitor suspicious activity to help identify ways that employees may be taking more that ‘advantage’ of your trust.

*Secret Shopper

Are customers being treated properly by employees?

Are you losing customers due to inappropriate behavior by

your employees?

*False Claims / *Fraud

Has someone intentionally tried to deceive you with false claims of originality (trademark infringement) or false promises or guarantee of suitability of a product?  Fraud and False claims investigations require additional proof of intent to defraud in order to establish grounds for legal action.  Our investigators are familiar with the type of information and procedure that are necessary to protect your company and products.

*Insurance Fraud

Is your insurance being fraudulently charged for workers’ compensation.  Are there false claims of accident or injury being filed against your company and insurance?

We work closely with Attorneys, Insurance companies and Administrators to provide the tools necessary to confirm or denounce allegations of liability for fraudulent claims.