Please feel free to contact us if you require services beyond what is listed here.   We will be happy to listen to your specific situation.

Civilian Investigations

Background Check (partner/nanny/tenant)

Our basic background checks include searching public records to discover criminal records, arrest records and other possible indiscretions that may affect your decision to hire, partner with, or rent to an individual or company.


A pre-screening of a candidate that is being considered to care for your child, business or property can help to avoid headaches, financial loss and additional complications.  Beyond a basic background check, an employee Pre screening can verify references, previous employment, previous addresses, previous business endevours and other information that you need in order to make a safe and appropriate decision.

Did your potential nanny give real references?

Does your new tenant have previous evictions? Did they provide a correct previous address?

Criminal background checks are not the only indication that a person or company is a potential threat.  Sometimes, verification of application information and search of financial records or filed court cases can also alert you to other conduct by a person that may cause problems for you.

Skip tracing

Skip tracing is the process of locating people who have ‘skipped’ out of town or gone in to hiding in order to avoid an obligation or responsibility.  Many times they are also attempting to hide assets or other stolen or improperly acquired property.


Surveillance is the act of monitoring activities and behaviors in order to gather information that can be used in most cases for the protection of people or property or to confirm suspicions of improper or illicit conduct.

Our professional investigators can observe the behavior of a group or individual by monitoring their behavior or by utilizing ‘detective’ style tactics to gather information

     Our investigators are trained to conform to Federal and Texas State laws of privacy and other constitutional rights.

Counter Surveillance(debugging)

Counter Surveillance (debugging) involves the identification of efforts to monitor your activities.  We can help you find out if your activities are being monitored with hidden cameras or listening devices.  We employ a very effective ‘debugging’ process to find hidden means of monitoring your private space at home or work.

Missing Persons

We can help you search for missing persons in the state of Texas and throughout the United States and parts of Mexico with the assistance of our cooperating Investigators.  Unlike law enforcement, we are not bound by a waiting period before starting a search for a missing person.  We understand that time is of the essence when trying to locate a missing teenager, elderly person or other loved ones.